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This nostalgic, sought after brand was due for a comeback. Sindy holds cult status among collectors and Hasbro have opened the door to a new line of dolls. Targeted mainly towards collectors, every product is created to exceptionally high standards. Sindy's new line brings a modern take on the retro style of the original dolls from 1963.


  • Global e-commerce store
    • Internationally accessible (multilingual)
    • Allow pre-payments
    • Allow payment by instalments
  • Maintain the branding and style
  • Automate distribution and logistics channel
  • Email marketing subscription and mail-outs
Sindy collectors club on ipad

Initially the dolls would need to generate enough momentum to achieve viral sharing through collectors channels. Using a mailing list signup page and a coming soon teaser site, interested parties emails were collected via announcing and displaying at collector events such as Dollycon.

The site was updated periodically teasing new information as it became available, which encouraged the organic spread of the new products.

Weekender doll


The e-commerce system was directly connected to the logistic system to automate the entire process. An order management API was required to automate the distribution of orders to relevant distribution centres.

The client required orders be processed by shipping location. Distribution centres were automatically selected by shipping zone, depending on stock levels.

Shopify’s order API provided a performant way to access sales information and provide it to distribution centres, allowing us to limit access to only the information required for shipping.

Distribution centres all have their own requirements. Our team at Rococo communicated directly with each centre in order to determine their specification for order processing.

Sindy CC on screen