What is Content Writing?

Put some meat on the bones

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SEO writing is the art of creating captivating, persuasive content optimised not just for the reader but also for Google (and other search engines).

Can we do? Do you want? Who can do without... Content writing can be tough but as Bill Gates said over two decades ago 'Content is King' and is at the heart of what Google is looking for. After all what users want is information and content = information.

To write search engine friendly content requires use of other aspects of SEO such as keyword research but that doesn't mean writing like a robot. Website content still needs to be written for people while aligning with what people are searching before they arrive at your site.

The Awesome Content Writer

A content writers job requires the ability to immerse themselves like a method actor to become experts in a subject combined with spectacular creative writing skills of a newspaper journalist.

Theres really no more greatly undervalued person in a digital marketing team as the content writer, they should always be put first when considering pay rises and probably be given extra holiday entitlement just for being awesome.

Love writing

Rococo website content writing services

The first step is to identify a worth while subject to write about using keyword research and competitor analysis. This valuable information can be used to find the keywords most likely to give positive rankings for your domain in search engine results.

Rococo's in-house team specialise in all aspects of digital marketing and work closely together to produce content that performs as one whole.

The next step is to determine the search intent, when someone searches for 'shoes' their intent is hard to determine, do they want to buy shoes? make their own shoes? so we need to target less ambivalent terms also known as long tail keywords like 'shoes for sale near me'. Content needs to be written for purpose, it is our content writers job to be aware of why people are searching for this subject and put themselves in their shoes.

After communicating with various experts and researching the subject finally we can begin to write.

Our Process

It takes more than just nice words to make good content

Keyword Research

Find out what questions relating to your service people need answers too

Competitor Analysis

Find out where your competitors are putting their efforts and where they are missing an opportunity

Content writing is an art

And it helps to have all the tools. Rococo have access to the most in demand website content writing tools and are ready to use them.

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